The Creeps! HD Відгуки

Favorite game but iPad3 bug

Love this tower defense!!! Owned it for years. I have bought all levels and upgrades. I now lower the rating to one star because ads now pop up at startup, and between each level. Terribly annoying. I will never buy any things advertised here.

No longer enjoyable

I like this game and have played it for a few years. Including purchasing four higher levels for either .99 or 1.99.Now, I get :30 second commercials: -open game -start game -select level -finish level That's four pop ups for ONE play. The game isn't that good...


Nostalgia~ there really needs a second game

Love (amended recently to love-ish)

I used to love this game, but now it successfully pisses me off every time because, unlike previous versions, there's a pop up ad every instance and every third game that tries to get you to buy their idiotic app with creeps stickers and emojis or whatever they are. Doesn't matter if you've paid for the game, it pops up and you almost always click on it.

Excellent game

Just wish there new updates

Best Game EVER!!!

This game is addicting and fun! Need new levels or a Creeps 2! I've tried other tower defense games but nothing is as good as this one.

Best Game:Need More

This game brings me such nostalgia. There needs too be a second one, upgraded graphics just a bit more stuff to mess with and the same fun game play. Dont be like every company that has wait times and bad interfaces. basically the Creeps but better and called creeps two, I would pay for that.


I've loved this game for years! Please release more levels!

Hey supersquak!

I have recently deleted this game and redownloaded it and I love it! I have a few ideas for the next update though. I am a cat person and I would love it if you added a few cats for the pets. It would also be great if you made a few more map packs. Thank you!

Love this game

Great game! Would gladly pay for more levels please 😉😉

Purchased maps not restoring

I have purchased every map pack of this game since it came out and they are not all restoring. I have emailed about this in the past and not had them fully restored. I don't care about losing game progress, but I deserve to have everything I have purchased! I have had to email support again about this with No response. Please fix this problem ASAP.


WHY CAN'T I GET ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????!?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!????!???!??!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!?

Still a Favorite

It's fun for all ages. We all love this game. The developer surprised me and personally answered email about a glitch I though I'd uncovered. The problem was entirely me! 😉

Tons of fun

Been playing this game for years and still love it. Please make new level packs soon!

Where's the all access???

I'm tired of seeing the all access pass listed as the number one download for this game when, if fact, it's not even available anymore. If you want all the maps you will now be spending a ton more money than the $5 it says it costs. On top of that you'll be seeing a lot of adds. I understand, more maps have been added, so raise the price of the all access. I don't understand removing the option all together. It's a fun game but I'm tired of the free maps. I won't be spending the crazy amount of money it would take to buy the others either, so long as I don't have an option to buy them all outright.

Ads (sigh)

I never thought I'd ever give The Creeps a one-star rating. I've been playing it for years and have loved it. But what's with the ads, and forcing me to the App Store? That's dirty dealing all of a sudden. I would not buy the advertised games just on principle.

Annoying Pop-up Ad

I have been a long time player of The Creeps. I purchased all the expansion packs. It used to be a 5-star game. Now it’s a 1. Why? Lately it constantly opens a pop-up add for Tower Madness 2. Even if Tower Madness 2 was the best game ever, I would still never buy it now after such intrusive marketing. Please remove this ad from PAYING CUSTOMERS versions of The Creeps. That said, I would gladly pay for even more levels of The Creeps or a sequel if the author would just make them, instead of using annoying ads to get revenue.


I love this game, dont like the door part though... Plz update or create some daily challenges

Purchases won't restore

Restore purchases button does not work. I emailed their support center with no response. This is an amazing game and just don't spend real money.

I love this game

It is easily replay-able and really enjoyable. totally worth it.

Still crashing...

Game still crashes on startup. Running iOS v4.3 on my iPad 2.

One of the best games

The Creeps!

Great Video Game. Like a good combo of Luigi's Mansion and a tower defense game.I NEVER want to put it down!👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻😄😄😄😄


So excited to have new levels!!!

Great game!

Good solid game play. Levels are challenging but not impossible. Not bogged down with ads and in app purchases like P some V other Z games.

Love the game!

I absolutely love this game. But since this new update I am unable to load it past the first screen. Please fix it fast! I wanna play again!


This game is a personal classic for me on the the iOS, it's one of the first few games I purchased for my iphone, and finally my iPad. For me it has a lot more playtime that PVZ.

New update does not load at all.

This was a fun game, but I can't get the game to load to past the first screen with the new update.

Favorite game! Missing levels

I love this game, but it's missing my favorite level, "The Other Side". Did you guys take out levels or something? Please put back ASAP! Update: Now the app crashes every time I open it :/ please fix!


Lately, when I have tried to open the app it just crashes. I've tried closing out the app and powering my iPad off but it's still not working.

The Creeps!

Really good game. I've enjoyed it for a couple of years. Also a bonus: had a problem, contacted Super Squawk and they responded in less than a day. The latest update is fun, but like others, I'd love even more levels. Hope they are planning more soon.

Best Tower Defense Game on iOS

Love this game, loving the new update!

A Great game just got better

Been playing this game for a long time. Great game and still one of my favorites. The new update is great! Keep up the good work and please keep the updates coming!!!,


Absolutely cookilicious! Wonderful to see you guys still supporting this APP. Been playing it for years and it's STILL my favorite all time TD game!


About to finish the download. Hopefully it's worth it as it had a good response from reviews here. Cant rate it 5stars for now as still waiting to download it

Classic and re-playable

A classic tower defense game. Loads of levels and I keep playing over and over.

Awesome Game

Great tower defense game. I keep playing it over and over. I think it's one of those hidden gems that some haven't discovered yet.

Tons of fun

This game is a blast. Best tower defense game I've ever played. Go download it!

Fave Tower Defense Game

Original concept for a TD game. Cute animations, and a great variety of Creeps. Kudos for the updates.

Latest Update Ripped us off

The latest update deleted the HD levels. These were some of my favorite levels. Please bring these levels back!

Favorite game

This is one my favorite games. Please keep adding more levels.


This is one of my favorite games. Please keep making more levels. I loved the new robot level.

Highly Addictive

Kills productivity.

Unable to purchase new robot level

Have the latest fix and ios versions but still can't buy the new levels....


I absolutely love the new levels, please keep them coming!! I've spent hours on this game and cannot get tired of it!

Love this game so much!

This was one of the very first games I purchased when I bought my ipad a few years ago, and I still LOVE it! Worth every penny!

Good game

Great game -- even though it has been around for a while it doesn't feel dated. It took me approximately 2 seconds to buy the new pack. I was very happy to see it! I've finished it now, and I hope we don't have to wait a year for another... The only thing I would change is that I'd like an option to play as a new player, so I can start over. I'm jealous of people downloading this for the first time.

Love it!

This is the best tower defense game ever! Hours of fun and different challenges. You have the basic survival levels to the door buster levels, endurance levels, and easy, normal and hard you never run out of things to do. The latest update is so fun! Thanks guys for all the hard work you have put into the game!!

SO HAPPY that the best tower defense game got a new level!

I love this game, and find it as addicting as Candy Crush. Unfortunately, after the initial game and levels came out, they have slowed down to about one updated level per year. Please bring back more. I would definitely pay for more levels more often!

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